Frequently Asked Questions

Our registration process is entirely on-line. Members can register right through our website from the comfort of home or office. The system is quick, secure and easy to use. Click on register and select your desired program. You will then be asked to open an account.
Please see our program information to learn about the specific skills or qualifications needed to skate on a particular session. For your safety and enjoyment, and that of the other skaters on the session, select only the session that is skill-level appropriate. If you are uncertain which session to register for, please contact the Skating Director.
You do not need to register your child for a particular group or level within CanSkate. You will simply register for CanSkate and on your child’s first day of skating, our coaches will do a quick assessment and place him or her within the appropriate small group. CanSkate focuses on the development of six fundamental moments with a coinciding badge. Once the skills of one stage are mastered, a badge is awarded. Skaters are placed in small groups on the ice according to their badge level and they progress through the six badge format on an individual basis. Progression is monitored continuously.
On your child’s first day of skating, our coaches will do a quick on-the-spot assessment and place him/her within the appropriate small group. He or she may move up a badge or two very quickly (by the second week of skating) or may even be placed at badge 3 or 4 on the first day. For example, some kids who are already playing hockey but want to increase their speed or improve their backward skating will register for CanSkate and may be placed at a higher badge level.
We only accept credit card payments through on-line registration.
If you are unable to continue skating due to injury, illness or other circumstances, please put your request in writing and address it to the Board of Directors. The Board will apply the Refund/Credit policy as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.
We welcome guest skaters on our STARSkate A, B, C and D sessions. However, guest skating is permitted at the discretion of the Skating Director. You must have a current Skate Canada membership. If you do not have a Skate Canada membership, you may purchase one from the Club for $36.