First Day of Skating Checklist

First Day of Skating Checklist

for CanSkate/CanAdult Skaters

Arrive 30 minutes early to check-in

On the first day of skating, please arrive 30 mins early to allow yourself enough time to check-in, pick up your name tags, get dressed for the ice and lace up your skates.

Parents of CanSkaters

  1. Bring proof of age – CanSkaters who appear to be under the age of 6 may be asked for proof of age.
  2. A parent or guardian MUST stay at the rink during the entire length of the session for children under the age of 12.


Bring a CSA-approved Hockey Helmet

A CSA-approved hockey helmet is MANDATORY for ALL skaters registered for our CanSkate and CanAdult programs. Face masks are recommended but not required. No skater will be allowed on the ice without a properly fitted helmet. If you need to purchase a helmet, we suggest a general sporting goods store such as SportChek or Canadian Tire. For more information regarding the Skate Canada Helmet Policy please click here.



Bring your Ice Skates

You are responsible for bringing your own skates. Proper fitting lace-up single blade skates are required. New skates do not come sharpened and will require sharpening prior to the first class. Please check with the skate shop where you purchase your skates or contact one of the various figure skate sharpeners in the Greater Toronto Area – please refer to the skating resources page for suggestions.


Dress Appropriately 

Clothing – Warm, water resistant pants (i.e. snow pants for children, thick leggings for adults) and non-bulky jackets are recommended. Bring additional layers as skaters get cold/warm as they exercise and the temperature can vary inside the arena from week to week. Avoid jeans – Jeans can be rigid, uncomfortable when damp and hard to move around in.

Socks – One thin pair of socks is ideal. Avoid thick socks, as these can make your feet feel colder. Skates should be nice and tight around your feet.

Gloves/mittens – Please bring mittens – water-resistant mittens are best. As you learn to skate, falling and getting up a lot is expected so your hands need to be protected from the wet/cold ice. It is always a good idea to have an extra pair of gloves/mittens inside the skate bag.

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