Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


By using our services, you agree to the privacy policy for the Central Toronto Skating Club located on our website (www.centraltorontoskating.com/privacy-policy).

While we will make every effort to keep the content of Central Toronto Skating website (the “Website”) current, we will not guarantee the most up to date information available at all times. To ensure you are informed with updated information, please subscribe to our emails or contact us at info@centraltorontoskating.com.


All content on the website, including but not limited to all images, illustrations, graphics, audio, videos, and text, (unless otherwise stated), remain the property of CTSC. All content cannot be copied, reproduced, published, posted, distributed, modified or altered for reuse without prior written permission of CTSC.

You may print and use content for your own personal, non-commercial use only.

Payments & Refunds Policy

The Central Toronto Skating Club only accepts payment by credit card.

All prices and purchase invoices are in Canadian dollars ($CDN). All club programs and services offered by the Central Toronto Skating Club are delivered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and as such are subject to applicable Ontario and Federal taxes.

Any changes to a skater’s category (eg. moving up from CanSkate to StarSkate) must be approved by the Club Skating Director and is subject to a prorata fee increase.

Once registered, a skater may change his or her schedule once per season subject to space availability on the session. A $25 administration fee will be charged.

Refunds and credits will be determined at the discretion of the Club. All requests for refunds must be in writing, addressed to the Board of Directors and sent to info@centraltorontoskating.com. The Club’s general policy is that refunds and credits are NOT permitted after the first day of the skating season except for medical reasons accompanied by a Medical Certificate.

All Skate Canada fees are final and are NOT subject to refund or credit. No refunds or credits are provided for missed sessions. Make-up ice for hours missed on a skater’s scheduled day will NOT be granted.

The Club is NOT obligated to refund registration fees for unforeseen ice closures due to special events/circumstances, or equipment/mechanical breakdown beyond our control. The Club will make every effort to make up for cancelled sessions.

Refunds: Skaters who wish to withdraw from skating may receive a refund provided they withdraw before the start of the skating season. These cases will be charged a $25 administrative fee. No refunds will be provided after the season has begun.

Credits: Skaters who are unable to skate due to an injury or medical reason may be given a credit towards a future season. The Club may request an official Doctor’s Certificate from the skater requesting the credit. The credit may be pro-rated depending on how much of the season the skater has completed. No administrative fee will be charged. If a credit is granted, the skater will receive a Gift Certificate from the Club. The gift certificate may be applied to an invoice for future skating sessions.

Shipping & Delivery Policy

All items for purchase on the CTSC website are for CTSC program registrations and related fees only. No products will be shipped or otherwise delivered. No goods will be exported.