STARSkate: Figure Skating in Downtown Toronto


Figure skating in downtown Toronto

STARSkate is Canada’s figure skating development program. Developed by Skate Canada and taught by professional coaches certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), STARSkate offers opportunities for figure skaters of all ages to develop and test skills in the areas of ice dance, free skate, and interpretive skating.

CTSC operates STARSkate programs year-round!


For STARSkate, CTSC accepts child, teen, and adult skaters who have completed the CanSkate program, or who can demonstrate equivalent skills. If you can do simple jumps and spins on figure skates, you’re probably ready for STARSkate. If not, check out our CanSkate program, which will teach you all the fundamentals you need to start figure skating.

Adults welcome!

CTSC has one of the largest adult memberships in Canada, with skaters at all levels. Even if you haven’t skated in years, you are welcome to join our programs.

Skill levels

When choosing your skating sessions, please try to pick sessions at your level or at most one below. If you want to join a session that is above your level, you’ll need to get permission from our skating director. Here’s our guidelines for STARSkate sessions:

A For figure skaters who have completed CanSkate.
B For skaters working on preliminary skills and dances, or single jumps.
C For skaters working on intermediate skills and dances, or single and double jumps.
D For skaters working on advanced skills and dances, or double and triple jumps.

Group lessons

Many of our STARSkate sessions include a 15-minute group lesson. See the schedule for details.

Private coaching is recommended

Private coaching provides the skater with detailed instruction tailored to their specific goals and challenges, which helps ensure steady progress. Coaches also evaluate many of the tests under the STAR system.

Each coach sets their own rates, but in general, a 15-minute lesson is between $10 and $18.

To arrange coaching, either talk to our skating director, Brad Hopkins, on your first day of class, or approach any of our coaches on your own. Note: we will not arrange coaching until after you have registered.

Fall/Winter 2023


Pricing and registration information follows.

Time Level Group Instruction (minutes)
Sunday @ Moss Park Arena — Sep 17 to Dec 17, Jan 7 to Apr 7
2:10-3:00 pm A 15
4:40-5:40 pm B/C 15
5:50-6:50 pm C/D 15
7:00-8:00 pm D none
Tuesday @ Mattamy Athletic Centre — Sep 12 – Nov 28 except Sep 26 and Oct 10; Jan 9 – Apr 2 except Mar 12
7:00-7:50 am B/C/D none
Wednesday @ Moss Park Arena — Sep 20 to Dec 20, Jan 10 to Apr 10
6:05-6:55 pm A/B 15
7:05-8:00 pm C 15
8:10-9:00 pm D none
Friday @ Moss Park Arena — Sep 15 to Dec 15, Jan 5 to Apr 12 (except Mar 29)
4:10-5:15 pm A/B/C/D none
5:25-6:30 pm A/B 15
7:25-8:35 pm C 15
8:45-10:00 pm D none
Saturday @ Mattamy Athletic Centre — Oct 21 – Dec 2 except Nov 11; Jan 20 – Mar 9 except Feb 3
11:40 am-12:50 pm B/C/D none

Pricing and registration

At the STARSkate level, we recommend skating at least twice a week. To help with that, we offer certain multi-session discounts.

Please see our COVID-19 Policies. Note: provincial and venue regulations are evolving and may change before or after the season begins.

Note: all skaters must have a current Skate Canada membership (currently $58.70/year, Sep – Aug).

Sessions Youth Adult
Fall/Winter at Moss Park Arena
1/week 28 $675 $675
2/week 56 $1254 $1254
3/week 84 $1740 $1740
4/week 112 $2228 $2228
5/week 140 $2715 $2715
Tuesdays at Mattamy Athletic Centre
1/week 22 $385 $385
Saturdays at Mattamy Athletic Centre
1/week 13 $275 $275
  Registration Opens Sep 8 at 10am

Please see our COVID-19 Policies. Note: provincial and venue regulations are evolving and may change before or after the season begins.

The Fine Print
  • You may only skate in the session(s) you register for.
  • We cannot offer makeups for missed lessons.
  • All skaters must have a valid Skate Canada membership (one will be added to your cart, if we don’t have one on file). Skate Canada memberships are valid from September to August, and are non-refundable.
  • If you wish to withdraw before the first day of the season, we will refund the program fees, less a $25 administration fee. Skate Canada membership fees are non-refundable.
  • On or after the first day of the season, we can offer no refunds.
  • Permanent transfers to a different session will incur a $25 administration fee, and can only be done if the other session has space.
  • You cannot transfer between Moss Park Arena and Mattamy Athletic Centre.
  • Should you become injured during the season, we may offer credit against future registrations. Sufficient medical documentation must be provided, and credits may expire if not used within a reasonable span of time. All such credits are at the discretion of the Board of Directors.